Manes And Miracles Round Up For Change. This September, Kabat’s SanTan Ace Hardware presented a check for $7,515.97 to Manes and Miracles from our roundup in which our Guests contributed their change and they could round up to the nearest dollar when they made purchases at our Store. Manes and Miracles is an amazing program located in SanTan Valley, which helps children with special needs get animal therapy, something very near and dear to my heart.

My grandson was diagnosed with Autism when he was 2. He has come so far, since being diagnosed and attending therapy on a regular basis, that was the key to my grandson realizing when he used his words, it would forever change his quality of life. He has been a light in our life with our family, and made us understand the importance of having a voice has and allowed him to have a voice after being non verbal to today he can speak fluently, and read with personality. Being a mother myself and having my daughter tell me she never knew if she would ever hear the words I love you come from her sons mouth. Will always be a conversation I will NEVER forget! I’m so grateful, that his therapists taught him the importance of having a voice and to use his words.♥️♥️Manes And Miracles

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Manes and Miracles Round Up Recipient



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Manes & Miracles Recipient of our Round Up For Change
Manes & Miracles Recipient of our Round Up For Change